EverChain CMO: Top Marketing Exec of 2022

Congratulations Jennifer Andrews! Top 100 Marketing Executives of 2022

On February 4, 2022, Alumni Spotlight announced the Top 100 Marketing Executives of 2022 and EverChain is excited to share that our Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer Andrews was named #70.

According to Alumni Spotlight, “these individuals are the driving force behind much of their company’s brand and market positioning success. As a result of the pandemic, marketing executives across all industries have had to adjust their strategies and employ tactics to maintain brand awareness in today’s ever-changing environment. These awardees employ years of experience and creativity to ensure their companies remain at the forefront of their respective markets. There is no indication of a decline for a growing need for talented marketing executives. In fact, research indicates that marketing challenges will continue as audience attention becomes more fragmented across all types of media channels. This year’s awardees are best positioned to lead their companies towards sustainable growth and marketing innovation.”

Please join us in celebrating the achievements of the Top 100 Marketing Executive of 2022, and our very own Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer Andrews.

Read the article and access the full list here: The Top 100 Marketing Executives of 2022 – Alumni Spotlight.

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