Why I Joined EverChain: Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh: Why I Joined The EverChain Team
We sat down with EverChain’s AVP of Business Development, Mike Walsh, who joined our team about a month ago. We wanted to understand the “Why” behind his choice to join EverChain and get his initial impressions from Month One.

Mike’s Why: “I’ve been in this industry forever – since 1996 – and for most of that time, things have been done the same way, with the same issues. The industry preferred the status quo, because we were so heavily regulated that most people did not want to rock the boat. A few years ago, I sought out tech solutions that were disrupting the industry, and had great experiences being part of couple of those companies, and constantly thinking about other solutions on the market. I was lucky enough to see a demo of EverChain’s solution a year ago and it made a tremendous impression on me. I thought to myself, ‘if I was at EverChain I could provide my clients with immediate funds every month, more oversight than a middleware product and an easy-to-use platform that reduces administrative costs.’ What else do you need to do? EverChain has solved a problem, and we are still innovating. I am so excited about the new solutions that we will be rolling out in the near future. It is an incredible place to be.”

First Month Impressions: “As I learn more and more about our amazing technology at EverChain, one thing has really surprised me, and it shouldn’t have, the incredible team. The ideas flow here constantly on how to improve our products for everyone involved, consumers, agencies, buyers, and creditors. The culture here is to be curious and change the way people manage debt for the better. EverChain is doing it every day. There is nothing better though then the feedback I have heard on each demo; “This is what I have been looking for”, “This will make my job so much easier”, “My compliance department is going to love this” and my favorite “Wow guys, just Wow”. So I will copy that as my first impression, Wow guys just wow!”

You can read more about Mike on LinkedIn Profile, here: Mike Walsh | LinkedIn

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