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We provide full-service debt sales consulting, guiding creditors through the entire process from preparation of a portfolio listing through post-sale management.

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Debt Buyers

Gain access to high-quality defaulted receivables portfolios by getting EverChain Certified and joining our prestigious debt buyer network enabling you to bid on ‌portfolios.

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Debt Sales with a Focus on Consumer Experience

A successful debt sale should not be measured by how much money you sell your accounts for, it should be measured by how much you get to keep. Creditors concerned with any post-sale compliance risk can rest assured that the EverChain network holds itself to the highest standards of care. This ensures that creditors selling their accounts on the EverChain marketplace to our certified network of buyers can expect unprecedented and unparalleled levels of compliance.

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What is EverChain?

EverChain is a truly compliance-focused debt sales partner.

EverChain facilitates compliant and secure debt sales for lenders and other creditors. We enable creditors to consistently and compliantly manage and monetize their uncollected receivables via our secure, sophisticated, and specialized technology platform. We aren’t simply a conventional broker or a buyer; EverChain is an experienced debt sales advisor who has the expertise to help creditors optimize their recovery strategy while protecting their consumers, brand, and bottom line. One of the prime focuses of our business is to empower compliance across all entities, including sellers, buyers, law firms and agencies.

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Who is EverChain
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Selling Debt with EverChain

EverChain is not your typical manual broker. 

EverChain is to smart phones as old-school brokers are to rotary phones. We’re breaking traditional barriers with advanced technologies and market-leading innovations. Optimize revenue while mitigating risk through the debt sale process. EverChain’s SOC 2 Type 2 compliant platform allows creditors to monitor every account sold, manage the consumer experience and review network compliance trends to make the most informed decisions. No other platform or partner empowers this type of granular compliance oversight.

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Join the Debt Buyer Network

EverChain is a buyer’s gateway to portfolio access.

Participating in EverChain’s Certified Buyer Network demonstrates your organization’s commitment to compliance and enables access to the nation’s widest selection of high-quality portfolios for sale, backed by EverChain’s team of experts to support you before and after the sale.

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