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Areas of Expertise

Recovery Success

We provide each client with a dedicated Recovery Success Team who has the expertise and experience to assist our clients with achieving their business objectives when it comes to buying and selling debt.

Compliance Management

Our inhouse Compliance Team of auditors and analysts combined with our Code-Driven Compliance Management System are the gold standard when it comes to oversight control for the nation’s largest lending institutions and debt buyers.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Our analytics and predictive intelligence engine helps clients determine the optimal servicing or debt sale strategies for different segments of defaulted consumer loan portfolios.

Performance Monitoring

Our platform monitors for data integrity issues, attempted resales, BKs, SOLs and more – giving you proactive monitoring of sold accounts when it matters most.

Certified Member Network

Because we have the largest certified network of debt buyers, collection agencies and law firms, we ensure the proper balance of performance and quality control – and the widest selection of consumer debt portfolios available for sale anywhere.

Debt Sales

The industry’s first fintech platform for selling NPLs. Created over a decade ago, EverChain’s proprietary platform enables creditors to not only sell their debt but manage and monitor all post-sale activity efficiently and effectively for the life of the sold accounts.

Industries We Serve

Consumer Lenders

EverChain protects the brand reputation and bottom lines of the top consumer credit issuers in the country. We provide everything they need to compliantly and safely sell their debt.

Auto Finance

Our targeted approach for automobile deficiencies provides our clients with optimized value throughout all recovery stages by utilizing our state-specific expertise.

Buy Now Pay Later

We understand the importance of a positive brand reputation in the BNPL space. We go above and beyond to ensure that borrowers are treated with the utmost respect after a debt sale.

Commercial Lenders

EverChain protects the brand reputation and bottom lines of the largest commercial credit issuers in the country as they compliantly sell NPLs to our network of certified debt buyers.


We provide our clients with the solutions needed to generate additional cash flow from unique debt sale portfolio segments including Bankruptcies.


Our end-to-end Recovery Management Solution (RMS) enables the nation’s leading utility providers with tools to increase the efficiency and profitability of their recovery cycle, including debt sales.

Point of Sale Lenders

Our comprehensive approach to point of sale deficiencies provides our clients with optimized value throughout recovery. We leverage our state-specific code-driven compliance engine to ensure accuracy in all aspects of debt sale.

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