DebtTrader is now part of the EverChain family of recovery management solutions

Sell Your Nonperforming Loans with EverChain

Leverage the power of a complete platform and the reach of our Certified Buyer Network. Rely on our team of compliance experts to ensure every debt sale is done right, every time.

Access the Largest Network of Certified Debt Buyers

EverChain’s Certified Debt Buyer and Agency Network is not only the largest, but also the most secure, compliant and competitive debt buying network in the ARM industry.

Unparalleled Compliance Oversight and Control

EverChain’s technology platform uses code-driven compliance to protect your consumers, your brand and your bottom line before, during and after a debt sale.

Your Complete Debt Sale Management Solution

EverChain’s debt sale and post-sale management platform give you the tools and transparency to maintain control of your sold nonperforming loan portfolios for the life of every account.

As a leader in the industry, you understand the value of selling debt, and the importance of doing it securely and compliantly. When it comes to selecting a recovery partner, you don’t trust just anyone. You require the experience, expertise, quality and complete transparency of an end-to-end solution that encompasses both the pre-sale and post-sale process. That’s why creditors like you partner with EverChain. Schedule your demo to learn more today.

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How Selling Debt with EverChain Works

We’ve detailed each step of the Debt Sale process below. Please contact us with questions.

Strategic Advisors

Our goal is to develop targeted strategies for your debt portfolio sales and post-sale management. From analytics and valuation to portfolio marketing, alongside pre-sale due diligence and post-sale compliance, the EverChain platform is the most comprehensive debt sales solution on the market.

Ready to List!

Securely upload your debt portfolio to the EverChain platform using either a standardized API or a pre-mapped custom template. To protect you and your customers, all Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is automatically masked by our platform at upload. Next, our platform flags critical errors and warnings, making file clean up a snap. Once your review is complete, you can use our portfolio scrub tool to remove ineligible accounts – a process that takes minutes and saves countless post-sale hours. After being scrubbed, your debt portfolio file is ready for auction!

Ready for Auction!

Once your debt portfolio is masked and scrubbed, it is ready for us to begin marketing it to EverChain’s pre-vetted certified buyer and agency network. Customize your audience by establishing specific buyer criteria, and qualified buyers will begin securely underwriting and submitting their bids instantly.

Review Buyers and Bids

Choosing the right buyer is more than simply accepting the highest price. Compliance is a vital part of the bid selection process. The second the auction closes, EverChain gives you everything you need to choose the right buyer for your consumer debt portfolio. On our platform, you can review debt buyer’s bids, terms of agreement, debt buyer/agency compliance ratio, debt buyer/agency complaint trends, and even download a complete due-diligence packet, all in real-time.

Close Sale

After selecting a debt buyer or agency, electronically negotiate and execute portfolio sale agreements. Once agreements are mutually executed, you’ll seamlessly receive funding from the debt buyer directly into your account. You can confirm funds and release the sale file securely on the EverChain platform.

Post-Sale Management

EverChain advisors are with you for the life of each portfolio sold. We became industry leaders by providing outstanding post-sale debt management, including technology-based solutions to resolve buy back requests, consumer complaints, media requests, chain of title issues, and agency placements. We are the receivables industry’s only end-to-end debt sale solution, with access to real-time data and oversight tools before, during, and after the debt sale.

Selling Consumer Debt Portfolios with Confidence

Security, compliance, and transparency are central to EverChain’s Debt Sale Solutions.

We are proud to have established the highest standards of ethical, regulatory, and legal compliance guidelines that serve to safeguard your investment, your brand, and your bottom line before, during and after a debt sale.

  • SOC 2 Type II Certified

    EverChain is SOC 2 Type 2 certified by cybersecurity expert Coalfire. Our certification galvanizes our commitment to operating in a secure environment, in accordance with the most stringent industry standards.

  • Data Encryption

    Any data handled by EverChain is encrypted in-transit and at-rest using the latest encryption

  • Data Masking

    Masking Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in consumer data protects them against unintentional disclosure to external and internal users.

  • Data Collection and Data Erasure

    EverChain’s data collection practices are limited to the data necessary to successfully manage a sale. Post‑sale, EverChain only retains non‑personally identifiable data.

  • Data Resilience

    Encrypted backups are created daily allowing EverChain to recover information in the event of an unforeseen loss.

  • Data Classification

    All data collected and stored by EverChain is classified and controlled to ensure that it is not
    improperly disclosed, modified, deleted, or rendered unavailable.

  • Least Privilege Policies

    EverChain adheres to minimum access and clean desk policies to ensure that data is only viewed based on business needs or job responsibilities.