Buy Nonperforming Loan Portfolios Safely & Efficiently

The EverChain Certified Network has the largest selection of fresh and warehoused consumer debt portfolios available for sale, anywhere.

Direct Access to Fresh Paper

EverChain helps you mitigate lenders’ fears of non-compliance with regulatory oversight. This means more lenders are willing to sell their otherwise dormant paper.

Easy, Level Playing Field

EverChain’s Certified Buyers are considered the best in the nation, and we have the data to prove it. Sellers select buyers based on compliance, performance, and price.

Quick & Simple Deal Flow

With Universal Due Diligence, EverChain deals typically take only 11 days from open to close, increasing your efficiency and effectiveness as a buyer.

As a successful debt buyer, you need real-time access to the widest selection of nonperforming loans across asset classes and loan types. No matter what your debt purchasing specialty – Credit Cards, Installment Loans, Line of Credit, Payday Loans, Buy Now Pay Later (BPNL), Lease to Own, Auto Deficiencies, Bankruptcies or Retail – EverChain has the sellers who have the paper you desire. Sounds good, right? See if you qualify to join our Certified Buyer Network using the button below.

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How Buying Debt with EverChain Works

We’ve detailed each step of the process below. We’ve also put together some pro tips for how debt buyers can be more compliant, marketable, and successful: Helpful Insights For Debt Buyers.

Join the Certified Buyer Network

Access to ready-to-bid loan portfolios starts with becoming a certified member of the EverChain Buyer Network. The most rigorous compliance review in the industry ensures your only competing for deals with compliance peers. Imagine buying from 25 lenders and only having one audit. Our certification and ongoing oversight process ensure sellers who have and haven’t sold before can do so with confidence and peace of mind. Once you’re certified, you can start to browse listed portfolios.

Identify the Right Deal for You

Using advanced filtering tools, you can either search actively listed portfolios or set alerts to be notified when the right deal is available. Enabling you to quickly and easily identify portfolios that meet your investment criteria and even compare them to other portfolios.

Analyze and Strategize

Once you have selected a portfolio, you will obtain real-time access to a limited data file, sample loan agreements, payment histories, and a complete seller due diligence survey. In addition, you can quickly and easily review portfolio analysis from major national scoring companies all on the platform.

Submit Your Bid

Submitting your bid has never been more straightforward or more secure. Once you have reviewed the portfolio sale packet, you can submit your one-time competitive triple-blind bid. Bidding on the platform with triple blind bidding means no one can see your bid until the window has closed. Integrity is necessary to protect your investments in underwriting and valuation.

Close the Sale

Once a final offer has been accepted, you can review and negotiate contract terms and then electronically execute the sale agreement. Once the deal is complete, you fund the seller directly (no escrow) and securely download your purchased portfolio.

Post-Sale Management

Post-sale management is key to a successful purchase. We became industry leaders by providing best-in-class, technology-based solutions to resolve buy-back requests, consumer complaints, media requests, and chain of title issues. With EverChain’s cloud-based platform, you can seamlessly communicate with sellers, allowing you to spend more time collecting and less time chasing down loose ends.

Buying With Confidence

Security, compliance and best practice are central to the EverChain platform.

We are proud to have established the highest standards of ethical, regulatory, and legal compliance guidelines that serve to safeguard your investment, your brand, and your bottom line.

  • SOC 2 Type II Certified

    EverChain is SOC 2 Type II certified by cybersecurity expert Coalfire. Our certification galvanizes our commitment to operating in a secure environment, in accordance with the most stringent industry standards.

  • Data Encryption

    Any data handled by EverChain is encrypted in-transit and at-rest using the latest encryption

  • Data Masking

    Masking Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about consumers data protects them against unintentional disclosure to external and internal users.

  • Data Collection and Data Erasure

    EverChain data collection practices are limited to the data necessary to successfully manage a sale. Post‑sale, EverChain only retains non‑personally identifiable data.

  • Data Resilience

    Encrypted backups are created daily allowing EverChain to recover data in the event of an
    unforeseen loss.

  • Data Classification

    All data collected and stored by EverChain is classified and controlled to ensure that it is not
    improperly disclosed, modified, deleted, or rendered unavailable.

  • Least Privilege Policies

    EverChain adheres to minimum access and clean desk policies to ensure that data is only viewed based on business needs or job responsibilities.