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Easily access more fresh portfolios from the widest selection of top-tier creditors.

Why Get EverChain Certified?

Becoming EverChain Certified and joining our prestigious debt buyer network provides access to the nation’s widest selection of receivables portfolios for sale from top-tier creditors offering the highest quality accounts. Earn the trust of more creditors through EverChain and our standardized compliance due diligence, while gaining access to more accounts, and minimizing the due diligence investment required. Be automatically alerted to new portfolio sales based on your purchasing preferences and enjoy the most seamless debt sales transaction and post-sale experience available in the receivables management industry.

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EverChain’s technology enables debt buyers to level the playing field during the debt sales process

A Level Playing Field

EverChain’s technology enables debt buyers to level the playing field during the debt sales process through our triple blind auction bidding, keeping your bids private and confidential. Buyers can access detailed portfolio stratification reports and seller due diligence to make an informed decision about auction bids. EverChain offers debt buyers everything needed to assess and score a portfolio through our partnerships with credit bureaus and the most familiar scoring and data providers. We help to ensure that every account you purchase is accurate, secure and eligible for sale.

Quick and Compliant Deal Flow

EverChain Certification holds prestige and credibility with creditors and enables us to streamline deal flow with universal due diligence. Members of the EverChain Certified Debt Buyer Network have already undergone an advanced compliance review, which enables us to move through the deal process quickly and efficiently. Deals typically take half the time of a traditional sale from listing through closing, increasing the efficiency of the debt sales process and bringing buyers and sellers together quickly. Transactions may include warehouse files, one-time sales or forward flow arrangements for longer term partnerships between buyers and sellers.

Quick and Compliant Deal Flow with EverChain
EverChain debt buying process

Debt Buying Process

EverChain has simplified the process of buying debt and enables buyers to gain access to the widest selection of portfolios for sale while minimizing due diligence efforts.

Join Network

Submit the buyer application, provide compliance information and complete the EverChain certification process.

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Review Deals

Receive alerts about available portfolios and select the sales in which you want to participate.

Analyze & Strategize

Conduct portfolio reviews and establish your bid using our data partner network.

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Close the Sale

Execute sale documents through our platform before receiving the final file.

Post-Sale Support

Use our technology to request media documentation and other post-sale support needs.

Do You Have What it Takes to be EverChain Certified?