EverChain “Why I Joined” with Kellen Thomas

EverChain Why I joined with Kellen Thomas

EverChain “Why I Joined” with Kellen Thomas

We sat down with EverChain’s newest team member, Kellen Thomas, who joined our Client Success department recently, as our Manager, Client Success. We wanted to understand the “Why” behind his choice to join EverChain, learn what drives him to do his best every single day, and what his first impressions these past few weeks have been.

Why I Joined EverChain:

“I joined EverChain because I have always believed that the customer experience is the most important part of a business and EverChain’s mission is aligned with that. Their mission is to protect the customer, and the creditor, to make the entire industry better. And that is something I can get behind. I have spent the last 20 years in Client Services and love to help people solve whatever challenges they have. I am looking forward to being a part of the EverChain team – I am not going to let them down!”

First Impressions:

In these past few weeks, it has been “Unexpected, in a good way! Everyone has been so warm and you can see that the whole EverChain team is 100% committed to the mission. I am excited about the opportunity to have a career here, not just a job, and be a part of something special.”

You can read more about Kellen on his LinkedIn profile.

About EverChain®

EverChain® facilitates compliant and secure debt sales for lenders and other creditors through our end-to-end compliance management of buyers and their recovery service providers. EverChain® is an experienced debt sales advisor with the expertise to help creditors optimize their recovery strategy while protecting their consumers, brand, and bottom line. Want to learn more about how EverChain can help you with Non-Performing loans or buying debt click here, or to schedule a free demonstration with our dynamic sales team click here.

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