Top 25 Financial Technology CTOs of 2022

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EverChain’s CTO: Top 25 Fintech Execs of 2022

Top 25 Financial Technology CTOs of 2022, On April 19, 2022, The Financial Technology Report announced the winners and EverChain is proud and excited to share that our Chief Technology Officer, Renato Marteleto was named #13 to the list!

According to The Financial Technology Report, “From a pool of remarkable and highly-qualified nominees, these fintech CTOs were selected for their expertise, their leadership, and their impact not just on their firms, but on the broader, rapidly changing fintech industry.

Within the financial services industry, Chief Technology Officers are establishing the digital infrastructure that facilitates more efficient, modern, and personalized customer experiences. These leaders have led transformative initiatives within their organizations to integrate artificial intelligence, develop cross-platform solutions, bolster cybersecurity, and engage strategic technology partnerships, among other critical digitalization efforts. Serving some of the largest banking institutions and innovative fintech startups, this year’s awardees are guiding their companies in not only updating current application environments and IT systems but also in seeking out new and exciting ways to incorporate the latest in financial technology into their products and services.

Selected for their deep industry experience and their contributions to their companies and the broader financial services industry, these CTOs have become thought leaders in their field. From participating in global advisory committees and sitting on company boards, to mentoring the next generation, the multi-award-winning professionals on this year’s list have demonstrated consistent dedication to improving the financial technology landscape for both consumers and institutions. Several awardees have also spearheaded efforts in diversity and inclusion, ensuring that individuals of all backgrounds have equal opportunity to contribute their talent, ideas, and innovations to the industry.”

Please join us in celebrating the achievements of the Top 25 Financial Technology CTOs of 2022, and our very own Chief Technology Officer, Renato Marteleto.

You can connect with Renato on LinkedIn here, read the full list here, or read more about our awesome colleague Renato in our EverChain blog page here.

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