EverChain’s New Era: Introducing Suraj Nekram and Rebecca Taylor

Suraj Nekram, President & CFO, and Rebecca Taylor, SVP of Operations

Driving Innovation and Integrity: New Leaders Join the EverChain Team 

At EverChain, we’re not just about business; we’re about making a difference. Our purpose is to look out for one another by creating dignity for the consumer and protecting your brand, and as we step into 2024, we’re thrilled to welcome two remarkable leaders who embody our values: Suraj Nekram, our new President & CFO, and Rebecca Taylor, our SVP of Operations. 

Suraj Nekram: A Leader Who Sets the Standard 

Suraj Nekram, President & Chief Financial Officer

Suraj Nekram, joining us as President & CFO, is a testament to our first value: “We set the standard.” With a rich background in both startup environments and Wall Street banking, Suraj has shown an unparalleled ability to lead, innovate, and drive success. From raising capital with leading venture firms to leading finance transformations at Bank of America and managing global FP&A at Merrill Lynch, his journey is one of constant elevation. Suraj’s leadership style aligns perfectly with our ethos of not just meeting but exceeding industry benchmarks through innovation, compliance, and exceptional service. 

Rebecca Taylor: Building Relationships Beyond Transactions 

Rebecca Taylor, SVP, Operations

As our new SVP of Operations, Rebecca Taylor embodies our second value: “We are not transactional.” Her time leading teams at Equabli, Midland/Encore, and Target has been particularly influential as she honed her skills in Compliance, Human Resources, Operations, and Strategy. Rebecca’s approach to leadership goes beyond mere business transactions. She focuses on forging lasting, meaningful relationships based on trust, understanding, and mutual respect. Her strategic thinking and ability to drive organizational change make her an ideal fit for EverChain, where we prioritize deep, enduring connections with our clients and partners. 

Suraj and Rebecca also exemplify our third value, “We have an attitude of gratitude.” They recognize the importance of every opportunity, challenge, and success, understanding that gratitude fosters a positive culture and strong, collaborative connections. This attitude is crucial in our industry, where every interaction can make a significant impact. 

Moreover, they are living examples of our fourth value, “One team. One dream. One EverChain.” Their belief in the power of unity and collective effort aligns seamlessly with our vision. At EverChain, we understand that our team’s shared vision and commitment are vital for success and making a meaningful impact in the financial services industry. 

A Future Shaped by Excellence and Integrity 

With Suraj Nekram and Rebecca Taylor on board, EverChain is poised for a future shaped by excellence, integrity, and transformative leadership. Their expertise and value-driven approach will not only enhance our operations but also reinforce our commitment to changing the game in consumer debt sales. We’re excited for what lies ahead and confident that with leaders like Suraj and Rebecca, EverChain will continue to lead with dignity, protect brands with integrity, and set new standards in the receivables industry. 

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