Team Spotlight with Deborah Everly, Debt Sales Vice President

Team Spotlight: Why Deb Everly joined EverChain

Team Spotlight with Deborah Everly

For this month’s “Team Spotlight,” we are delighted to highlight one of EverChain’s newest team members, Deborah Everly. Deb’s been a leader at Viking Payment Service, Sequium Asset Solutions, Azimut Advisors, and Asset Acceptance Capital, and she takes great pride in developing and maintaining strong relationships with clients. We asked Deb why she decided to join team EverChain and what her first month’s impression of the company was.

Why Deb joined EverChain

“It was the opportunity to be a part of something great. That’s a very broad answer, but a truthful one. I’ve been in this industry since 1991. I’ve seen the cycles — economic, compliance, and work strategies — that buyers and sellers go through — so many changes.

I have had the luxury of learning through decades of experience. EverChain is a game-changing force of considerable magnitude in the industry. To get others to join this revolutionary way of buying, selling, or working debt is something I want to be a part of.”

Deb’s first-month impressions

“The people of EverChain, and I mean everyone from the ground up, are incredibly helpful. They’re always willing to teach and never hesitate to answer a phone call or message. They genuinely believe there are no stupid questions. Additionally, this company values your feedback — and they truly mean it!

I’m thrilled to be a part of EverChain, where innovation and collaboration are not just buzzwords but daily practices.”

Welcome to our team, Deb! We are so excited that you and all your knowledge of the industry are now part of Team EC!

If you would like to reach Deb, you can find her on LinkedIn or contact her here. If you’re interested in a free demonstration of our receivables management platform, schedule a demo with Deb here.

About EverChain®

EverChain® facilitates debt sales for creditors who prioritize end-to-end compliance management of debt buyers, their collection agencies, and law firms. We offer creditors the technology, expertise, and streamlined processes necessary to optimize receivables recovery. Want to learn more? Read about debt buyers here.

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