Why I Joined EverChain: Dan Green, President

Image of Dan Green
We sat down with EverChain’s President, Dan Green, to speak with him about why he joined EverChain. We wanted to understand the “Why” behind his passion, dedication and enthusiasm for EverChain.

Why I Join EverChain: “It’s rare to find a niche market with such a large unaddressed problem that had potentially catastrophic consequences to multiple parties. EverChain was not only the first company to identify it, but the only company that was actually solving this problem. If the problem was fascinating, EverChain’s solution was brilliant in it’s simplicity; focus on protecting the consumer during a debt sale. If you pour all your efforts into protecting the consumer before, during, and after a debt sale, you directly protect both the buyer and the seller. I knew then that this was a market moving concept and jumped in with both feet.”

Dan’s Bio:
Daniel Green is the President for EverChain. Dan is responsible for operations, sales, development, and revenue management. Dan has spent the last two decades working in the technology and travel industry focusing on sales, marketing, and corporate training. He has worked with some of the world’s leading travel and leisure brands including being a Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales for Trooval. Dan is highly regarded in the industry as a thought leader and technology innovator but is most well-known for his passion around protecting consumers from shady (and illegal) collections entities. His enthusiasm is contagious and is the driving force behind his relentless pursuit of excellence.

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