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Our Story

EverChain started in 2012 with the observation that the debt sale and placement marketplace for default debt portfolios was inefficient and flawed. Lenders were effectively blind once an account was sold and/or placed, and the inception of the CFPB made selling debt a complex issue tangled up in regulatory tape. Many lenders decided that it was safer to consider the losses as a cost of doing business rather than sell and risk an event outside of their control causing consumer, regulatory, and brand harm.

To solve these problems, EverChain developed a market-disrupting technology platform for the secure management and execution of compliant debt sales transactions and post-sale placements. We established our EverChain Certified Debt Buyer and Collection Agency Network to improve the integrity of debt sales and have built our foundation on the universal compliance due diligence and auditing we conduct on creditors, debt buyers, collection agencies, and law firms.

Through the sales process, we quickly identified that post-sale management was a major stress on both buyers and sellers lacking standardization and automation. We further expanded our technology platform to assist both buyers and sellers with managing their post-sale needs through an efficient, tech-driven document management system including complete chain of title management. We are constantly evolving our technology platform and processes to meet the needs of our clients in an ever-changing regulatory environment—and we will not stop!

Our Story - EverChain
EverChain’s mission


EverChain’s mission is to remove risk and protect the consumer.


EverChain is not just about technology; it is about the people behind it who use our technology to deliver an unprecedented, unmatched experience. Our team at EverChain ensures that sellers and buyers get everything they need from the debt sales process while protecting consumer data.

EverChain Leadership Team
Image of Matthew Wratten
Matthew Wratten

Founder & CEO

Image of Daniel Green
Daniel Green


Image Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson

Corporate Secretary & CCO

Image Renato Marteleto
Renato Marteleto

Chief Technology Officer

Matt Stone

Chief Marketing Officer

Peggy Costa

Vice President
Debt Sales

Paul Brennan

Vice President
Enterprise Sales

Sam Smith

Vice President
Client Success

Michel Perez

Senior Software Dev Engineer

Shantal Pascal

Vice President
Network Compliance


EverChain believes in supporting our local and global community. Through donations of money and time, we find opportunities to improve the lives of those around us.

EverChain believes in supporting our local and global community

Our Industry Memberships

RMAI Certification Information

  • Certification Number: V1703-1000

  • Mailing Address:2200 Paseo Verde Parkway, Suite 150, Henderson, Nevada 89052

  • E-mail address: compliance@everchain.com

  • Phone number: (888) 461-6161

  • Consumer Resources: rmaintl.org/consumers

  • Compliance Officer: Jennifer Wilson
    Corporate Secretary
    Certification Number:
    Mailing Address:  2200 Paseo Verde Parkway, Suite 150, Henderson, Nevada 89052