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Join EverChain’s Certified Debt Buyer Network and gain access to the largest selection of portfolios for sale anywhere. Scale your purchasing power and dramatically reduce your cost of acquisition.
Becoming a Debt Buyer with EverChain is a game changer for those who want to optimize their recovery efforts and ensure they are doing it compliantly. Access to ready-to-bid loan portfolios starts with becoming a certified member of the EverChain Debt Buyer Network. The most rigorous compliance review in the industry ensures you’re only competing for deals with compliant peers. Imagine buying from 25 lenders and only having one audit. Our debt buyer certification and ongoing oversight process ensure sellers who have and haven’t sold before can do so with confidence and peace of mind. Once you’re certified, you can start to browse listed portfolios.
Because debt buyer licensing requirements vary by state and due to the nature of the creditors EverChain works with, every member of our Certified Debt Buyer Network must pass our Debt Buyer Certification process and meet these minimum requirements:

  1. Have licenses to operate in at least 25 states
  2. Have a minimum of $1,000,000 in E & O Insurance
  3. Have at least $500,000 open to buy annually

If you meet these minimum qualifications, please visit our Becoming a Debt Buyer page or email us today!

Interested in learning more? You can find a lot of great information on buying debt at the Receivables Management Association International’s website:

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