Sell Defaulted Loans with EverChain

Customer experience does not stop at default— it becomes even more important.

Why Sell Debt?

Generate optimized recurring cash flow from defaulted loans.

Today’s creditors grapple with the challenges of managing defaulted consumer credit accounts. Rising default rates and collection costs, along with complex regulatory and legal changes, demand significant resources. A creditor’s main focus should be on their core business – making loans, selling products, and providing services, not prolonged debt collection. Partnering with EverChain offers a strategic solution, allowing for an effective halt in collections at the point of diminishing returns.

Debt sales serve as a key account recovery strategy, enabling creditors to quickly unlock cash flow from defaulted accounts. This involves transferring ownership to debt buyers, specialists in account recovery with the right infrastructure for compliant collection. Sales of post-default accounts directly enhance the creditor’s bottom line, providing immediate liquidity.

Selling accounts to debt buyers allows creditors to improve financial performance while minimizing the risks associated with debt collection. This includes reducing regulatory, reputational, and financial risks, both in internal collections and in managing third-party agencies and law firms.

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Why Sell with EverChain?

Why Sell with EverChain?

Every link in the chain is crucial. A break can have significant consequences.

The journey of a consumer doesn’t end at default. Their treatment during collections shapes their future buying and borrowing habits. EverChain assists creditors in maximizing the value of defaulted portfolios. At the same time, we ensure strict oversight of consumer treatment and satisfaction after the sale.

The Tech

EverChain has created proprietary patent-pending technology for optimizing the debt sales process for the benefit of both creditors and debt buyers. Our platform is unlike anything else in the industry, setting us apart as pioneers in the evolution of debt sales and receivables management. The EverChain platform meets the highest levels of data security (SOC 2 Type 2 compliance) and we are a Certified Broker with the Receivables Management Association International. We minimize risks with end-to-end transaction support via our dynamic, multi-functional platform, thoughtfully designed to enable buyers and sellers to seamlessly and successfully come together to execute transactions from pre-bid analysis to post-sale relationship. The platform is fully inclusive of everything necessary for the safest, simplest process on the market including automatic file masking and scrubbing, advanced filtering tools, customized listing notifications, in-depth analysis functionalities, accessible seller data, triple-blind bidding, contract review and negotiation, electronic sale execution, and comprehensive post-sale management including due diligence and oversight maintenance of the collection agencies used by debt buyers.

The Process

We understand the complexities and risks associated with the debt sales process and have built our business around the resolution of these challenges. EverChain requires all buyers and their collection agencies to be certified through our detailed compliance process providing supporting documentation and enabling sellers to have oversight post-sale. Leveraging our technology platform, creditors can market portfolios to qualified buyers without releasing unmasked data while still empowering portfolio due diligence through partnerships with credit bureaus and account scoring providers. EverChain’s post-sale and chain of title tools enable the effortless management of media documentation, putbacks, buybacks, and other post-sale needs. As facilitators between originating and secondary creditors, we care for consumers by ensuring high standards of professionalism, security, and compliance through above-par account management and transfer processes. We drive creditor compliance and consumer protection simultaneously, making us the premiere option for low-risk, high-reliability portfolio sales and acquisitions.

The Certified Network

Our network of certified debt buyers and collection agencies is the key to our success, guarded at the gates by the most rigorous certification standards in the industry. The EverChain Debt Buyer and Agency Network consists of highly qualified organizations focused on the purchase, management, and recovery of defaulted consumer accounts. Certified buyers and vendors complete a detailed due diligence package and onsite audit based on and above the standards of the CFPB’s Larger Market Participation rule to validate their compliance with EverChain requirements. This includes annual license and certifications review, onsite audits, recording 100% of the calls made on accounts, and maintaining a record of all communications with the consumer should any post-sale complications arise. Potential members must be fully licensed and insured to be considered for initial entry to the robust certification process, and members must maintain standards as proven through audits to obtain recertification.

The People

EverChain is not just about technology; it is about the people behind it using our technology to guide the way. The EverChain team ensures that sellers and buyers get everything they need from the debt sales process while protecting consumer data. We assist with the due diligence process, providing insights into the marketplace and helping sellers to understand their options. After the sale, our people assist with the investigation and resolution of any consumer complaints, management of media, and continued auditing of buyer, collection agency, and law firm compliance with our certification standards. This ensures EverChain’s Network delivers the best post-sale consumer experience. Nothing else compares.

The Debt Liquidation Process

Debt sales is a process, not an event.

EverChain has simplified the process of selling debt and enables creditors to quickly unlock the maximum value of their receivables portfolios while guarding against inherent risks on an ongoing basis. Here’s how we assist throughout the process:

EverChain debt sales process


Setting expectations and preparing your file and documentation to maximize the value of your portfolio.

List your Defaulted Loans with EC


Loading your portfolio to our platform where you can easily scrub ineligible accounts and create your due diligence packages for future buyer review.


Alerting the EverChain Network of the portfolio listing and assisting buyers with due diligence without accessing PII.

Select the right Buyer with EC


Reviewing buyer due diligence packages, selecting the right buyer, executing sale documents, receiving sale proceeds and delivering the final unmasked file.

Post-Sale Support

Providing the technology and people to manage media documentation, ongoing buyer and agency due diligence, post-sale obligations and complaint investigations.

Explore the Value of Your Defaulted Receivables.