Our Story Starts with 
Transparency & Compliance

Our Story Starts with Compliance

EverChain is the recognized pioneer of compliant and data-driven debt sales. In 2012, we developed a market disrupting technology platform designed to manage the debt sale and vendor due diligence process. We then created the first and largest certified buyer and agency network, establishing EverChain as the marketplace for consumer debt transactions. Our proven track record of innovation and technology in debt sale management has established EverChain as an industry leader.

Over the past decade, EverChain has facilitated the sale and transfer of billions of dollars in uncollected debt while simultaneously infusing creditors with millions of dollars in revenue. All of which occurred with unprecedented consumer-centric compliance.

EverChain plans to continue its legacy of delivering highly innovative, technology-driven, consumer-focused solutions for creditors in the decades ahead, ushering in the digital transformation of an entire industry.