Webinar – Reviving Financial Resilience – TransUnion’s Recovery Model & Legal Strategies Unveiled

Webinar - Reviving Financial Resilience: TransUnion’s Recovery Model & Legal Strategies Unveiled

Reviving Financial Resilience

RMAi recently presented a TransUnion-sponsored webinar titled “Reviving Financial Resilience: TransUnion’s Recovery Model and Legal Strategies Unveiled,” which focuses on TransUnion’s recovery model and legal strategies for debt collection. It highlighted using data to build predictive models, which replace manual reviews and provide empirical results.

Key elements include credit, demographic, non-traditional credit, and fraud data for a comprehensive consumer view. The model prioritizes likely payers using generic scores and custom scores based on internal and bureau data.

The webinar also explored pre-litigation uses of data attributes, emphasizing the importance of identifying non-suit-worthy accounts and assessing consumer assets. The webinar advises regular review of attributes and score performance, identifying fraudulent accounts, and using a triggers-based solution on non-performing judgments.

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Receivables Management Association International is a nonprofit trade association that represents more than 600 companies who support the purchase, sale, and collection of performing and non-performing receivables on the secondary market. RMAi members work in a variety of financial services fields, including debt buying, collection agencies, law firms, originating creditors,  and industry-related product and service providers. RMAi provides its members with extensive networking, educational, and business development opportunities in asset classes that span numerous industries. Become a member on their website here.

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