Why I Joined EverChain: Nicholas Wheeler

Nick Wheeler: Why I Joined EverChain, Nicholas Wheeler AVP, Business Development

Why I Joined EverChain: Nicholas Wheeler

We sat down with EverChain’s newest hire, Nicholas (Nick) Wheeler, who joined our Business Development team as our AVP, Business Development. We wanted to understand the “Why” behind his choice to join EverChain to hear what he loves about the team and his first impressions these past few weeks.

Why I joined EverChain:

I’ve been in the collections industry for just about 5 years now– seems like only yesterday I was making my dials in a small agency behind a pizzeria in Buffalo, New York, which is where it all began. I dove in headfirst, learning all the best practices and strategies, the slew of regulations, as well as all the tech disrupting the industry. I’ve had the great pleasure of being a part of some amazing companies over the years but have always been focused on helping provide the best experience possible for consumers post-default. One of the first things we discussed when I met with the EverChain team was how we view the customer journey – and let me tell you – they did not disappoint. The amount of care that is put into the customer experience throughout a debt sale is astounding. They are constantly ensuring that each customer’s experience is measured and improved upon from start to finish and that is everything to me. It reduces risk for the lender, protects their brand, but most importantly it helps consumers during some of their lowest points. To say that I am excited to join the EverChain team would be an understatement, they have an amazing solution to manage debt sales, a phenomenal team and I get to continue to play a small part in helping provide a positive experience for consumers who are in collections.

First Month Impressions:

Typically, I work remotely in Portland, Maine but in my first week I was able to meet MOST of the team in person at our home office in Las Vegas, even our UK Team! Being able to collaborate in person always has a bigger impact, and everyone on the EverChain team actively participates, making it even more valuable. Ideas are flowing from every direction, and everyone is constantly working towards the common goal of changing the way people perceive and manage debt. Starting off like this has really helped me hit the ground running and we didn’t skip a beat once I got back home. I am so grateful to be a part of this EverChain team and can’t wait to keep changing the industry for the better!

To learn more about Nick, you can connect with him on LinkedIn.

Want to learn more about compliant debt sales from someone who deeply cares about the customer experience? Book a meeting with Nick.

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